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Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits Seal Kit For 320D Stick CTC-2478974

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CN
Brand Name: GUKE
Model Number: Seal Kit For 320D Stick CTC-2478974
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1KITS
Price: Negotiable
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
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Detail Information

Color: Blue , Ivory Material: PU+NY+PTFE+IRON+NBR
Brand: GUKE Hallite SKF Size: Standard ,Custom Size
OEM: Available Part No: CTC2478974
Appliion: Excavator Stick Cylinder Feature: Heat Resisitance
High Light:

Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits 320D


GUKE seal kit CTC2478974


GUKE OEM Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits

Product Description

      Seal Kit For 320D Stick CTC-2478974


      2478878 KIT-SEAL parts 320D, 320D FM, 320D GC, 320D L, 320D LN, 320D LRR, 320D RR, 321D LCR, 323D L, 323D LN, 323D SA, 324D, 324D L KIT


     GUKE specializes in designing and manufacturing all kinds of seals including excavators seal , Pneumatic seal , Hydraulic seal, Hammer seal and O-Ring seal and so on,Our products use the materiaLs of imported PU .FKM ACM AEM HNBR ECO NBR EPDM and so on. you can see the details from my elogue. GUKE Provide all kinds of seal kits and seal parts and will give the best afreresales sevices to our customers !

    The product design of GUKE oil seal is excellent, the production process is exquisite, the product performance is good, the precision is high, combined with the strict inspection process, has been recognized by a large number of customers in the market.

    We use high quanlity raw materials from Gemany and Japen.

    We also sell other brand of seals such as ,Parker,SKF,Hallite,PET ,YCC,NAK and so on .


Product Overview
Name: Repair seal kit for Excavator Cylinder
Condition 100% New
Material: PTFE+ PU+NY+NBR
Machine Model: Excavator Arm Cylinder
Size: Standard Size or Custom Size
Appliion: 320D stick seal kit
Hardness: 92degree
Temparature: -35 Degree To 130Degree
Feature: Oil Resistance,Heat Resisitance,Durable,Pressure Resisitant
Certifiion ISO 9001
Raw Material: HUNTSMAN of German+ZEON of Japan
OEM: Accpetable
vailablity: In Stock
Shipping: Express,By Air,By Sea


Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits Seal Kit For  320D Stick CTC-2478974 0


Appliion Chart:

Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits Seal Kit For  320D Stick CTC-2478974 1

Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits Seal Kit For  320D Stick CTC-2478974 2


Parts List:


Pos. Part No Qty Parts name
1 154-0736 J 1 SEAL-LIP TYPE
2 154-0738 J 1 RING-BACKUP
3 154-0737 J 1 SEAL-U-CUP
4 154-0739 J 1 SEAL-BUFFER
5 096-5625 1 BUSHING
6 094-1931 1 RING-RETAINING
7 188-4181 1 HEAD
8 4I-3628 M 12 BOLT-SOCKET HEAD (M18X2.5X80-MM)
9 095-1721 J 1 SEAL-O-RING
10 4I-3627 J 1 RING-BACKUP
11 247-8881 1 CYLINDER AS
11A. 241-7381 1 BUSHING
12 247-8882 1 ROD AS
12A. 241-7381 1 BUSHING
13 4I-8869 1 STOP
14 126-1876 J 1 RING-SEAL
15 4I-3631 J 2 RING-BACKUP
16 096-1570 J 1 SEAL AS
17 247-8874 J 2 RING
18 096-1571 J 2 RING
19 247-8873 1 PISTON
20 096-6210 M 1 SETSCREW-SOCKET (M14X2X14-MM)
21 4B-9880 1 BALL
22 085-8605 1 RING-RETAINING
23 194-8359 J 1 RING-SEAL
24 121-1549 1 STOP
25 085-8604 2 RING-RETAINING
26 166-1494 4 SEAL-LIP TYPE
27 3B-8489 1 FITTING-GREASE (1/8-27PTF)


Relationship Parts No:


Parts No Parts No Parts No Parts No Parts No
CTC-1697838 CTC-2126336K CTC-2763879K CTC-3494119 CTC-1373767
CTC-1697839 CTC-2126337K CTC-2764172 CTC-3494120 CTC-1336823
CTC-1697843 CTC-2159896K CTC-2765210 CTC-3494121 CTC-1589092
CTC-1709827 CTC-2159984 CTC-2765284 CTC-3494122 CTC-1884457
CTC-1709929 CTC-2167247 CTC-2765302 CTC-3604580 CTC-1764914
CTC-1709937 CTC-2167644 CTC-2765739 CTC-3604581 CTC-1373768
CTC-1709941 CTC-2168100 CTC-2765938 CTC-3604582 CTC-1475781
CTC-1709946 CTC-2171643 CTC-2773395 CTC-3747255 CTC-1540757
CTC-1709999 CTC-2190541K CTC-2774140 CTC-3808347 CTC-1799772
CTC-1724223K CTC-2199066 CTC-2774167 CTC-3852908 CTC-1680758
CTC-1728487 CTC-2309267K CTC-2779900K CTC-3852942 CTC-1855574
CTC-1764935 CTC-2366368 CTC-2788641 CTC-3852946 CTC-1589093
CTC-1799625 CTC-2366389 CTC-2790639 CTC-3904227 CTC-1373661
CTC-1799634 CTC-2373542K CTC-2797940 CTC-3937887 CTC-1540728
CTC-1799638 CTC-2374079K CTC-2812321 CTC-3937948 CTC-1540744
CTC-1847660K CTC-2390837K CTC-2812322 CTC-3937949 CTC-1540773
CTC-1934321 CTC-2478995 CTC-2812323 CTC-3949688 CTC-2478996
CTC-1934322 CTC-2478998 CTC-2821535K CTC-4288641 CTC-2590633
CTC-1934323 CTC-2479001 CTC-2821537K CTC-4288651 CTC-2590699
CTC-1934324 CTC-2519845 CTC-2836179 CTC-4288674 CTC-2043625
CTC-1934325 CTC-2521191 CTC-2839122 CTC-4I8913 CTC-2043626
CTC-1989433 CTC-2590630 CTC-2897716 CTC-4I8914 CTC-2742511
CTC-1990609 CTC-2666967K CTC-2897733 CTC-5I3047 CTC-2479005
CTC-1991149 CTC-2666975K CTC-2935360K CTC-6I6858 CTC-2043627
CTC-1992097 CTC-2666977K CTC-2937158K CTC-4I3665 CTC-1850223
CTC-1992402 CTC-2667861 CTC-2987702K CTC-0875394 CTC-2590626
CTC-2003239 CTC-2667874 CTC-2987703K CTC-6C6091 CTC-2479000
CTC-2003240 CTC-2697190 CTC-2987704K CTC-1186023 CTC-2590627

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Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits Seal Kit For  320D Stick CTC-2478974 3Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits Seal Kit For  320D Stick CTC-2478974 4Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits Seal Kit For  320D Stick CTC-2478974 5Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits Seal Kit For  320D Stick CTC-2478974 6Excavator Cylinder Seal Kits Seal Kit For  320D Stick CTC-2478974 7

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